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The Vyne: Adorkable, wearable iPhone mount


If you enjoy wearing your gadgets instead of merely holding them, then you need to check out the the Vyne. One of many inventions to help you wear your portable device, the Vyne is a belt-like flexible plastic strip with a holder at one end for your iPhone, iPod touch or other similarly sized device. The other end has a smooth curve designed to wrap gently around your neck.

Place the Vyne around your neck, attach your iPhone and you can watch movies hands-free while you walk into oncoming traffic or rest on the couch. Pricing and availability is not yet known but one thing is for sure- there is little doubt that you will turn heads when you don the accessory in public. You may also notice an alarming increase in the number of friends who now wear an "I'm with Stupid" T-shirt in your presence. Then again, if you are an influencer, you may just kick off the hottest trend of 2011.

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