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Cataclysm Daily Quests, Part 2: Deepholm and Therazane


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Welcome back to our Cataclysm Daily Quest Guide series! In Part 1: Daily basics and profession dailies, we went over the basics of daily quests and why to do them, and we reviewed the Stormwind and Orgrimmar profession dailies. This time, let's delve into the dailies targeted at high-level players, beginning in the very depths of the elemental plane of earth: Deepholm.

Deepholm dailies

The daily quests in Deepholm are associated with the Therazane faction. In terms of rewards, Therazane is the new Sons of Hodir; they're the non-scribe's source for Cataclysm shoulder enchants and thus should be high on any raider's priority list in terms of gaining exalted reputation.

However, unlike the Sons of Hodir, Therazane does have a tabard that you can wear in dungeons in order to gain reputation. Therefore, it is entirely possible to get to exalted without doing a single daily quest. Why do the dailies, then? Aside from the general reasons to do dailies that we discussed last time, doing the Therazane dailies will give you an alternate source of reputation, allowing you to use a different tabard in dungeon runs and thereby work on more factions at the same time. There are also a number of achievements associated with the Therazane dailies, one of which awards an adorable pet.

Unlocking the Therazane hub

In order to unlock Therazane dailies, you must complete the entire quest chain in Deepholm. There is no way around this. Just start at the beginning of the zone, follow the quests as they appear, and the bread crumbs will eventually lead you to the Therazane faction.

Although you start out at hated, the non-daily quests will shoot you all the way up to honored reputation. This means that you don't have to worry at all about the friendly reputation required for the tabard; by the time you are able to see the Therazane quartermaster, you will have more than enough rep to purchase it.

The quests

Once you've unlocked the Therazane quest hub, various NPCs at Therazane's Throne will offer a total of five daily quests per day through honored and six after revered. Some of the quest offerings seem to be fixed, while others rotate; there are a total of 10 daily quests associated with the faction. Note that one of the quests, Underground Economy, is actually picked up inside the Crumbling Depths rather than at the Therazane's Throne quest hub. If you can't find all five (honored) or six (revered) dailies, chances are you have to go to the Crumbling Depths to pick this one up.

The possible quests are as follows.

Crumbling Depths quests Three of these five quests will be available each day. The first two are fixed, while the last three rotate; only one of them will be offered on any given day.

  • Fear of Boring Kill 10 Gyreworms (in or around the Crumbling Depths); fixed daily quest.
  • Motes Collect 10 Painite Motes from the Crumbling Depths; fixed daily quest.
  • Beneath the Surface Recover a Ruby Crystal Cluster from the Crumbling Depths. The crystals are at the back of the dead end tunnels. They spawn a mob when clicked that will drop the quest item. Rotates with Underground Economy and Lost in the Deeps.
  • Underground Economy Use Ricket's Ticket to blow up four specific rock types and collect three of each type. Note: The rocks you're blowing up are not the spiky ones on the ground, but the large crystals. There is one type of crystal in each main room of the caverns. Rotates with Beneath the Surface and Lost in the Deeps.
  • Lost in the Deeps Escort Pebble out of the Crumbling Depths to safety. The achievement Rock Lover is earned upon completing this quest 10 times, awarding the companion Pebble. Rotates with Beneath the Surface and Underground Economy.
Crimson Expanse quests These three quests are fixed and available daily.

  • Soft Rock Kill 8 Fungal Behemoths in the Crimson Expanse.
  • Through Persistence Obtain a Bag of Verlok Miracle-Gro from Verlok in the Crimson Expanse. Any type of Verlok can drop this item.
  • Fungal Fury Destroy 10 Freshly Sprouted Mushrooms in the Crimson Expanse. There are four types of mushrooms, visually different but with the same name: Sprouting Crimson Mushroom. Three of them give 2-minute buffs upon destruction, while the fourth will knock you back and deal damage. There is an achievement for possessing the three buffs at once and then blowing yourself up.

Rotating quest at revered Once you hit revered reputation, the Therazane hub will offer one additional quest, which will be either of the following.
  • Glop, Son of Glop Slay Fungalmancer Glop. This is the daily version of Wrath of the Fungalmancer. If you complete the daily version without taking damage from Glop's Boomshrooms, you will receive the achievement Fungalophobia. If you complete the daily 10 times, you get The Glop Family Line.
  • The Restless Brood Strike the Pale Resonating Crystal and defeat Aeosera. This is the daily version of Resonating Blow. If you complete the daily version within 90 seconds, you get an achievement. Note: This quest can be very irritating when many people are trying to complete it. If you strike the crystal and don't get thrown onto the rocks, keep hitting it until it's your turn. Then jump up the series of rocks to kill the Broodmother at the top.

The rewards

Each of the Crumbling Depths and Crimson Expanse quests awards 250 reputation with Therazane, as well as 10 gold at level 85. The revered-level quest awards 350 reputation and 17 gold. As your reputation increases, you will gain access to items sold by D'lom the Collector, the Therazane quartermaster. He's located at the throne. He sells four blue shoulder enchants at honored, four blue rings at revered, and four purple shoulder enchants at exalted.

Stay tuned next time for Tol Barad daily quests!

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