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Razer Chimaera emerges at CES 2011, starts shipping to consumers

Darren Murph

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Talk about a long wait. Razer's Chimaera -- which first popped onto our radar in prototype form here in Vegas a year ago -- is finally shipping to end users. That's according to staff at the company's booth today at CES, who seemed quite pleased that they could change their answer when asked about it from eager (read: impatient) customers. The website still hasn't been updated, but the 5.1 channel surround sound headset ($199.99) should be more widely available to purchase soon. Also, a 2.1 version will be on sale for $129.99, rocking a fairly similar design and charging station. For those needing a refresher, this is a wireless Xbox 360 headset, complete with an equalizer, audio out jacks (on the station) and a flip-down microphone. Have a peek at the gallery below, and feel free to start checking your doorstep at an unhealthy clip.

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