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Rumor: 3DS to launch in Japan with around 10 games


It's likely we'll find out for sure what the launch lineup for the Japanese 3DS release will be tomorrow, during the Nintendo World 2011 event. However, Inside-Games claims to know the number of titles launching with the handheld on February 26: approximately 10.

According to Andriasang's translation of the rumor post, third parties have "a large number" of games ready for the launch window, to be distributed throughout February and March. But as for day-one, between Nintendo and third parties, it'll be about 10 games. Expect them all to come from the 15 playable titles at the Nintendo World event.

The site also claims that pricing for 3DS games will run around 1,000 yen ($12) more than the standard 4,800 ($57) yen DS game price, with more expensive games (your Square Enix stuff) running 2,000 yen higher. It's hard to tell how that will translate to American prices, considering the difference in base price between America and Japan.

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