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HyperMac offers DIY solutions after Apple lawsuit


HyperMac's portable charging systems are back on the market with a revamped product line that does not violate Apple's patents. HyperMac was faced with a patent lawsuit from Apple over the company's charging cables, which used Apple's MagSafe and 30-pin connectors. The company stopped selling the infringing cables on November 2, while continuing to produce its line of HyperJuice batteries. Without the cables to connect to your laptop, though, the batteries were more or less useless.

Sanho Corporation, the company behind HyperMac, was back at CES 2011 and showed off two new DIY power cable systems that skirt Apple's patents. One system uses Apple's MagSafe Airline adapter and a special plug provided by HyperMac to daisy chain a HyperJuice battery to your Apple laptop. While easy to implement, this setup powers your Apple notebook but does not recharge your battery.

A second solution, detailed by Ars but not on HyperMac's website yet, requires the user to splice the cable on their MacBook power adapter. HyperMac provides the appropriate connectors to let users attach this modified cable to a HyperJuice battery or to the original Apple power adapter. These modifications require minimal technical skill and do not require any soldering. Though not as easy as the Airline adapter method, this latter solution does provide users with the ability to charge their battery from a HyperJuice battery while on the go.

[Via Ars Technica]

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