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XtremeMac shows off new docks and chargers at CES 2011


XtremeMac had a suite at the Bellagio (my favorite hotel on the Strip, I think) for last week's CES conference, and I stopped by to check out their latest lines of accessories and cases for the upcoming year. My favorite product in the booth is pictured above -- it's a speaker dock called the Tango TRX, which features a removable dock that can be unattached from the sleek speaker. It's Bluetooth-enabled for streaming audio directly from your iDevice, and there's a free universal app that will let you control the speaker with a virtual remote.

The Tango TRX is shipping soon, and it will be available for US$179.99. The other dock they were showing was the Luna SST, a bedside stand with a detachable speaker that will actually send two alarms out to the two separated speakers (so that a person on one side of the bed can supposedly wake up without bothering the other). The Luna also has an app that can be used as a clock face, or even set alarms or settings on the device while docked.

I also saw a new line of InCharge chargers -- there are auto-based chargers coming that will allow you to not only charge your iDevice in the car but also plug in an aux cable or charge another USB device. XtremeMac is also introducing an iPhone case called the InCharge Mobile that serves as both a 2300 milliamp battery and a relatively thin case with a kickstand for just $79.99.

Finally, I was walked through some of the cases that XtremeMac offers -- all pretty standard affairs. I was told (not the only time that week) that black is by far the number one color for case sales, and that while customers will say they want different colors and will judge a brand based on many colors, in the end they mostly choose black for their own phones. Cases are mostly a matter of taste, so it turned out that what I learned about case buying was more interesting than any of the actual cases on display there.

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