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Around Azeroth: Sea of hate


Confession time: I've been so busy leveling my new characters that I didn't set foot into post-80 content until last week. When I asked my gaming advisor Calaf what zone I should start my paladin in, he advised me to go to Vashj'ir, which he stated was a lot of fun on every character but his hunter. This sentiment was echoed by today's submitter, Shofie of <Raids Without Pants> on Steamwheedle Cartel (US-A), who wrote, "Vashj'ir is one of my favorite zones! So many pretty places under da sea."

Calaf and Shofie, you will both be receiving bills from my therapist. Any zone where you get attacked from above by a contingent of six angry eels is not my idea of a good time, especially when everything suddenly has 30,000 HP and the starter quests don't gear you up nearly as well as in previous expansions. At least it's better than the Zelda water temples. Readers, what do you think of Vashj'ir? Fun or fearsome?

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