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iPhone MMORPG Empire Online comes to North America


When it comes to the iPhone and other mobile platforms, MMOs are thin on the ground. Technical limitations make developing an MMO for a mobile platform difficult at best, but with titles like Pocket Legends doing so well, there's still an obvious demand for massively mobile games. Mobile game development studio Lakoo announced today that that its popular Asian iPhone MMO Empire Online would be released in the North American app store later this week on Saturday, January 15th.

Empire Online supports PvE with parties of up to five players at a time and five-versus-five PvP battles. Features include turn-based combat and an open skill-based character advancement system. Lakoo is hopeful that the game does well in North America, suggesting that over five million players have already registered in China, Taiwan and Australia.

Skip past the cut to watch the Empire Online trailer.

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