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Sprint drops Galaxy Tab down to $300, undercuts everyone but US Cellular

Chris Ziegler

What now, Verizon? Just a few days after Big Red lowered the price of Samsung's Galaxy Tab to $500 off-contract, Sprint's version has shed $100 -- which means you can now score it for $300 on a two-year deal. As long as you're willing to put your name on the dotted line, that now means that Sprint can put you into a Tab for less money than anyone but regional carrier US Cellular, which offers it for a bargain-basement $200. Interestingly, Sprint's shift comes on the heels of an LTE-tweaked version of the Tab for Verizon with a faster processor and better camera, suggesting that a WiMAX model could definitely be in the works these guys -- which might be what this "industry first" event is all about early next month. Pure speculation on our part, but it'd make some sense.

Update: US Cellular wrote in to let us know that the $200 promotion on its version of the Tab has actually expired -- now, you get two for the price of one at $399 after a $100 mail-in rebate. In other words, if you just want a single Tab, Sprint's the best deal in town right now.

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