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Vindictus hails to the Blood Lord on January 19th

Eliot Lefebvre

If there's one thing Vindictus isn't lacking, it's blood, usually freshly harvested from the cavalcade of enemies players encounter. So it makes a certain amount of sense that the January 19th content update features the Blood Lord, who is intended as the newest high-level challenge for players to face off against. And while the update will include some new additions to the cash shop, it's a foregone conclusion that the Blood Lord is taking center stage in the new mission "Shadowed by Darkness."

Up to six players may engage the Blood Lord, with the spoils allowing players to craft the Nightmare armor set. It will not be easily earned, however, as the Blood Lord unleashes a variety of devastating fire attacks coupled with aggressive claw swipes. He's also capable of vanishing in a cloud of smoke and moving about in the form of a bat swarm, as if the vampiric allusions weren't quite clear enough. Vindictus players above level 45 can take on the Blood Lord starting on January 19th, but until then they can survey the teaser trailer and the gallery for some idea of what they'll be facing.

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