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Letter from the Editor: Of contests, comments and columnists

Dan O'Halloran

Hello. Your friendly neighborhood editor-in-chief here to fill you in on what is happening on various parts of WoW Insider. We get a lot of emails on our tip line, and often they are asking the same question: Where's Mankrik's wife? No, I kid. Kind of. Instead of spam answering those emails every day or cluttering up The Queue, I thought I'd clear up a few things by using the magic of posting on the site.


Notification emails to the 12 Days of Winter Veil winners are still going out, and if we don't hear back, we have to pick new ones and start the process over again. With over 100 prizes given away last month, it's taking some time. We will be posting the names of the winners when all those winners have been confirmed.

Commenting and profile system

We have have received quite a few complaints about readers not being able to comment or change their profile password, etc. Unfortunately, the current commenting system has some well-known, long-standing bugs. The good news is that we will be migrating to an entirely new commenting system soon and that will solve many of those problems. Your current profile information will be transferred over into the new system. We will post new information when we get closer to that transition.


Blood Pact The joke among the staff is that our warlock columnist's position is the Defense Against the Dark Arts job of WoW Insider. Our track record for keeping warlock columnists on board has been, well, cursed. In September, we did a callout for a new columnist and discovered the wonderful Adam Panshin. Unfortunately, shortly after he joined us, real life crit him pretty hard. Zach Yonzon, our battlegrounds columnist and one of our early warlock columnists, has stepped in to fill in the gap. But, as these things go, real life has one-shotted him as well. Adam is set to return to writing for us this month, and to help ease him back in is our resident moonkin blogger, Tyler Caraway, who will be helping out with a series of guides for Cataclysm boss encounters for warlocks.

Shifting Perspectives Allison Robert covers feral and restoration topics and Tyler Caraway aka Murmurs writes about moonkin issues for our druid column. Though Allison does an amazing job, she can't single-handedly keep up with the demand for information on three entirely different specs every week. Starting this week, feral cat druids will get their own weekly druid column. The interest and playability of this spec has increased dramatically and deserves its own gear guides, 101 articles, strat guides and all the other great columns we give to the other specs in the game. Look for it starting Sunday from yours truly. Though Allison's column has been resto-heavy since the expansion launch, she will be dedicating the next few weeks on feral bear topics and gear guides. If you've read any of her writing, you'll know that it is well worth the wait.

The Light and How To Swing It Another unfortunate incident of real life getting in the way took out our retribution and protection paladin columnist Gregg Reece. He is back on track, and you will be seeing the column resume. We have also set up backup plans for fill-in writers if Gregg needs to step away from the site again.

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