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City of Heroes to celebrate 7th year with special anniversary bonus

Eliot Lefebvre

City of Heroes is approaching its seventh year of operation, and in keeping with tradition, that means it's time to start the celebration early. This year, though, the team is offering players a little extra incentive to stay subscribed during the lead-up to the date itself. Players who maintain an active subscription from February 1st until April 18th will receive a new badge, a new emote, and a brand-new booster pack to help celebrate their service to (or against) the populace of Earth Prime and Praetoria.

Becoming available on April 28th to all players with a steady subscription, the most eye-catching reward is the new Vanguard Booster Pack, which unlocks several of the Vanguard costume pieces and features for all characters on a given account. There's also a new badge and concurrent title "The Constant," and a special chest emblem signifying the long road the game has walked. City of Heroes players can take a gander at the official announcement and start looking forward to the full anniversary celebration, which seems to be ramping up early this year.

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