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ESRB reveals Ar Tonelico Qoga's 'suggestive moans and comments'


The third (and supposedly final) Ar Tonelico game, Ar Tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel, will arrive on PS3 in March. The ESRB's content description for Gust's RPG gives us a bit of a preview of what to expect: shame, mostly.

"Some power moves cause female characters' clothes to vanish in layers," the ratings board says. "The characters are often depicted holding (covering) their breasts, wearing only underwear, or standing behind strips of light that obscure their genitals." Other described scenes feature "male characters [encouraging] a woman to strip" and a scene in which a male character removes a magical crystal from a female, accompanied by what the ESRB calls "suggestive moans and comments." How suggestive? "Aoto's putting his hand inside Soma," for example, and "Fumble around every inch inside of her . . . you will find what you're looking for . . . !"

Though you might have already guessed, Ar Tonelico Qoga is rated M for eMbarrassing Mature.

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