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Gran Turismo Anywhere to launch in early February


First announced at Tokyo Game Show last year, Gran Turismo 5's long-awaited Remote Races feature is finally gearing up for launch. A tweet from series head Kazunori Yamauchi confirms an "early February" release for the update.

Formally known as "Gran Turismo Anywhere," Remote Races allow you to control B-Spec races from a PC or mobile device by logging onto the official Gran Turismo website. You won't be able drive, but you will be able to issue commands during the race to a virtual racer that levels up (and down) over time. While not particularly engaging, it is a good way of earning money to use towards better cars in-game.

With the update arriving in early February, it seems Polyphony Digital is making good on its plans to release near-monthly updates for the PS3 driving sim. Update 1.05 came out in late December, and added 608MB of new features and tweaks. What else could be in store for 1.06?

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