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RIFT reveals details on the Mathosian Empire


With the next beta event for Trion Worlds' upcoming fantasy MMO RIFT scheduled to begin on January 25th, new information on the game has been flowing thick and fast. In the latest reveal, Trion has released details and screenshots of the Mathosian Empire. Nestled in the mountains, the Mathosian Empire was an ancient and powerful faction of human hunters ruled over by King Jostyr Mathos.

Using Dwarven steel and Elven magic, the Mathosians took war to the dragons, banishing them in the name of keeping the flatlands of Telara safe. The empire's rule spread across the RIFT map, and they constructed great cities like Port Scion. With King Jostyr's passing, the Mathosian Empire fell into a vicious civil war between his sons Aedraxis and Zareph. The Shade War, as it came to be known, resulted in the fracturing of the ward seals keeping Telara safe from the destructive influence of the planes. With the seal broken, the empire now lies in ruin, with the mighty Port Scion now overrun by the Deathtouched and dangerous planar openings now ravaging Telara. Trion has released several new screenshots of what remains of the Mathosian Empire, which can be found in the gallery below.

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