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X-Men Destiny screens leaked (a bit too early, by the looks of it)


We got a bit of background information on Silicon Knights' upcoming Marvel Comics RPG, X-Men: Destiny, last week via OXM UK -- now what are said (and appear) to be screenshots from the game have made their way online. Gamekyo has the shots at the source link, which originated from a slideshow which can still be found on YouTube (until Activision has it pulled, at least).

We can't imagine this is the first impression of the game its developer or publisher would like the public to have; it just frankly doesn't look very good at all. Then there's what appears to be one of the new characters created specifically for players to control. He apparently has the mutant ability to look like a model for Ed Hardy. Hopefully the official reveal will cast the game in a better light -- and reveal a better cast.

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