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Red Dead Redemption multiplayer XP challenge for Avatar awards begins


With all of the planned DLC out the door and a shelf full of Game of the Year awards to display, you might think Rockstar is done riding the Red Dead Redemption train -- but not so fast, pardner. A Rockstar XP challenge is now underway in the Wild West shooter which has players collectively earning XP in the multiplayer modes towards unlocking special Avatar awards for Xbox Live and PlayStation Home for everyone. The items include system-specific versions of both the RDR T-shirt and John Marston's in-game Elegant Suit.

Of course, each system's goodies will only unlock when the totals for the platform are met. You can watch the bars rise on the official Rockstar Games newswire or Social Club site. What'er you waitin' for, cowboys and cowgirls? Get to yer XP earnin'!

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