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Eric Schmidt stepping down as Google CEO


Looks like Steve's (former?) BFF Eric Schmidt is stepping down as CEO of Google, leaving co-founder Larry Page in charge of the company as the new CEO. A rather astounding rearranging of the deck chairs, but also the logical progression of affairs. Larry and Sergey Brin (who either drew the long or short straw here) are the brains behind Google's mighty algorithm, and there's little doubt they are smart guys who know how to get things done. Brin "has decided to devote his time and energy to strategic projects," including "new products." Neat!

Where does this leave Apple and Google in terms of frenemies? With Google entering the mobile space with a vengeance, only time will tell. We think Apple is looking to extricate itself from their partnership, given moves towards possibly replacing the default Google Maps app (while also extending their deal a while longer), but there's no denying Google's influence in tech has impacted even our favorite fruit-flavored consumer electronics maker.

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