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Crysis 2 multiplayer demo hitting Xbox Live exclusively on Jan. 25


When it's not being used as a great punchline for that joke about the microbe visiting the tailor (it's not that good), the nanosuit is trotted out as Crysis 2's superhuman advantage over other first-person shooters. Crytek and EA hope to make that clear in a Xbox-exclusive multiplayer demo, set to launch on January 25.

Xbox Live Gold members who download the demo will gain access to two modes, the "Skyline" map -- just one of many set in a demolished New York City -- and the nanosuit, which can augment your speed and strength, or lower your visibility. In the "Team Instant Action" mode, two groups of players attempt to kill as many enemies as possible, whereas "Crash Site" has you and your comrades capturing and guarding alien pods.

Crysis 2's multiplayer component is developed by Crytek UK, which was formed from failed TimeSplitters developer Free Radical. The full game, due on March 22, will offer six multiplayer gameplay modes, 12 maps, a leveling system -- and nanosuits for all! Check out a new trailer after the break.

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