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SWTOR planet Quesh: the anti-vacation spot


If you are looking for long sandy beaches, bright blue skies, and warm fresh air, then Quesh is not your vacation spot. However, if you're into poisonous chemicals, heavy pollutants, and war-scarred landscapes, then I have the perfect place for you!

Today, Star Wars: The Old Republic introduced Quesh as the 17th planet players can visit in their exploration of the galaxy. This toxic treasure was first discovered in Hutt space during the Great War but was quickly abandoned because of the poisons discovered in the atmosphere. It was not until years later that a scientist reviewed the chemical analysis reports from the planet and discovered a key component for making adrenals. Shortly thereafter, the planet became the Republic's secret source of revenue. But like all secrets, it did not stay secret for long. Upon its discovery by the Empire, the Sith sent a full-scale attack force to steal the planet from the Republic.

The official SWTOR planetary page hints at possible PvP on the planet with these words: "Now, the Republic struggles to defend its investment from the Empire and their unhappy Hutt Cartel allies." As for the actual gameplay on the planet -- I guess we will have to wait and see. Check out the stunning concept art and screenshots below, then visit the official announcement for more information.

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