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The Daily Grind: When do you get the feeling the developers just aren't trying?

Eliot Lefebvre

Look, creating a game is hard. No one could credibly argue that it's easy. And while some of us can't help but feel slighted by anything less than perfection, most of us do acknowledge that the developers are really doing their best to make the world feel vital. At least until you walk across something that says that, typo or not, someone just isn't trying to preserve the game's sense of verisimilitude.

Of course, it's not just immersion that can fall by the wayside. Some games seem to have ignored PvP for half of an eternity, while others seem to be doing the same thing for the PvE side of the game. Roleplaying might be the last thing on the development team's plate -- or it might be the only thing, leading to everyone else standing around waiting. There are always certain things that just seem to fall off the list, and there's a point when each of us have felt that hard or not, it's possible to do a better job if you just invest a little effort. So when have you felt like the team just stopped trying?

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