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Damion Schubert philosophizes about SWTOR's death penalty


Nothing in the world is certain, except death and taxes. The same is true for video games. If there is a game in which you don't fail completing a mission at least once, then it is probably too easy. We know "death" is going to happen, so how a game designer handles this death penalty can make or break a player's fun -- and ultimately the success of the game. Damion Schubert, Lead Combat Designer for Star Wars: The Old Republic, jumped on the SWTOR official forums today to discuss his philosophies behind the game's death penalty.

He believes that the penalty for failure has to be balanced. If it's too harsh or too light, it is no longer fun for the player. There should be a separation between challenge and punishment, according to him. "I would rather our challenges be gated by whether or not you have the skill, the gear, and the teamwork to succeed than whether or not you have the credits and/or time to wait out the forced downtime in between, you know, the fun part," Schubert explains in the post.

Catch the whole discussion on the official forums and let us know what you think.

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