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Notion Ink Adam hits the FCC, torn apart in haste


Although Rohan told us that his Adam tablet had cleared FCC testing a few weeks ago, it's not until today, just now actually, that we've seen the filing go public. For our troubles the FCC has done us the solid of a full-blown teardown. And honestly, it's not pretty. Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised to see so many hand-soldered connections and individual strands of wire encompassing the NVIDIA Tegra T20-H-A0 application processor and embedded Ericsson F3307 HSPA broadband module -- it is, after all, the tiny startup's first mass-market device. But we've borne witness to many a splayings including the tidy tablet teardowns of the iPad and Galaxy Tab. As such, the Adam comes across as a bedraggled mess of suspect build quality -- great for modders, less great (potentially) for the average I-just-want-it-to-work consumer. Naturally, NI doesn't have the design or manufacturing muscle of Apple or Samsung and with the tablet having only just now shipped it'll be months before we have a good idea about the device's integrity. So kick back for now with a few of the more egregious components (like the swiveling camera) after the break with the rest piled up in the gallery below.

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