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Verizon's online store is now Palm-free; Pre 2 imminent?

Chris Ziegler

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The last Palm-branded holdout on Verizon's inventory -- the CDMA Pixi Plus -- is now gone from the company's online store, once again leaving the country's largest carrier without a webOS option to be had. Of course, the Pre 2 has been lined up for release on Verizon for some time, but in light of the lukewarm reception the phone's received so far, the coming webOS 2.0 upgrades for the older models, and the big news presumably coming out of HP's early February event, we'd say they're now dangerously close to releasing an obsolete device. For what it's worth, Palm's site insists that the new model's still "coming soon," but that had better happen on the double if they want to sell any of these things.

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