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Dead Space 2 outselling first game '2-to-1,' EA says


Despite an overwhelmingly positive critical reception, the first Dead Space was a launch dud when it hit retail in mid-October of 2008. Reporting on its life-to-date sales through that November, Gamasutra described it, along with fellow EA newcomer Mirror's Edge, as having "failed miserably" -- NPD data showed that Dead Space was below 500K unit sales more than a month after launch. The following February, EA would quietly confirm that the game had become a million-seller by the end of 2008.

Fast-forward two Februaries later and EA is bringing back up that bleak launch, but this time in new light: "Dead Space 2 launched last week [...] outscoring the original Dead Space and outselling it two-to-one," the publisher trumpeted in its latest list of business highlights (without revealing specific figures). Putting the Dead Space 2 commercial launch in such stark terms sounds impressive, but in reality it's more like "a pretty good start" for a deserving sequel.

So, EA, when are you gonna give Mirror's Edge its second chance?

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