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Funcom calls The Secret World release date a "misunderstanding"

Jef Reahard

Did you know that Funcom's The Secret World was due to release "in the next few months?" We didn't either, nor apparently did Funcom despite a published report to the contrary in The Montreal Gazette. The article touches on Funcom's relationship with Electronic Arts and its disappointment with Age of Conan's performance relative to World of Warcraft's. It also intimates that The Secret World (developed at the company's Montreal studio) is nearing completion.

"This must have been a misquote or a misunderstanding of some sorts. We have never communicated a release date for The Secret World," said a Funcom spokesperson in a statement to Eurogamer earlier today.

Development on The Secret World is ongoing, and the game features a co-mingling of contemporary horror, conspiracy, and fantasy elements with Lovecraftian themes and skill-based progression.

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