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iOS now responsible for 2 percent of all web traffic

David Quilty

According to a report from NetApplications, Apple's iOS now has a 2 percent share of all web traffic. Combining for a worldwide average of 2.06 percent, the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch OS has passed the 2 percent mark for the first time ever and has even reached a whopping 10 percent market share in Singapore. The study also shows that the Mac OS kept steady at 5 percent while Windows maintained its solid lead at just under 90 percent of worldwide internet traffic.

With the iPad claiming .03 percent of all internet traffic just 10 short days after its launch last April, and estimates that it will represent 2.3 percent of total traffic in 2011, we can only speculate just how high iOS' share will be next time the report is released. Anyone care to guess?

[via electronista]

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