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Some Toyota car audio systems not working with iPhone in Australia

Mel Martin

Australian newspapers are reporting today that Toyota is contacting more than 200 dealers to let them know that iPhones and iPod touch models running iOS 4.1 are locking up the audio systems of 2009 and 2010 cars. Models having problems include the Yaris, Corolla and Prius.

The glitch is somewhere between the iOS software and radios supplied by Fujitsu Ten. When drivers plug their iOS device in, the screen gets stuck on the word "load," and then the radio locks up and will no longer operate until the iPhone is removed. Owners can listen to their Apple device using the headphone jack, but using the custom Apple USB interface simply won't work.

iOS 4.1 was released in September, and currently Apple is at iOS 4.2.1. It isn't clear if the bug is fixed in the later releases. In a bulletin to dealers, Toyota notes that "Investigations have revealed that iPhone or iPod operating systems introduced in September 2010 are not compatible with the audio unit and will not allow music playback via the USB interface." Toyota is working with Fujitsu Ten on a field fix.

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