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TUAW's Daily App: Legendary Wars


I got to see Legendary Wars at Macworld last week, and it's a fun title. It has a good mix of many different game genres and a lot of solid game content to explore. At its core, Legendary Wars is a fantasy-based real-time strategy game, but there's a Plants vs. Zombies feel to it as you summon various fantasy creatures and send them off to fight against the bad guys. That's the core gameplay, but there are lots and lots of different variants on it, from a tower defense spin-off to some more action-based levels, and even a Canabalt-style running level.

This is developer Orian Livnat's first game; he and his family and friends are responsible for the Liv Games company. Legendary Wars shows that he and his fellow developers took a lot of pride in what they did, because the title is bursting with polish and care. With no shortage of things to do and a lot of fun to be had through a few different game modes (and an update with Game Center integration on the way), Legendary Wars is an excellent title on the iPhone for US$2.99.

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