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Gazillion's 'Fortune Online' is Diablo-esque, closed beta begins


Gazillion Entertainment had an announcement one-two punch with Fortune Online today, not only revealing the game, but also the start of its closed beta. The multiplayer browser-based, free-to-play dungeon crawler looks to be the latest game that's happy as sin to dole out that Diablo fix while Blizzard's sequel takes the hellishly long road to market.

Company COO David Brevik, who was part of the team that made the original Diablo and Hellgate: London, says that Fortune Online is a great example of Gazillion's focus on free-to-play, console-quality games for browsers.

Check out a video of the Flash-based title after the break, which is looking like a decent descent into familiar loot-obsessed dungeon exploration. Head on over to if you're interested in testing out the beta.

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