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GM CEO Dan Akerson wants next-gen Chevy Volt to be $7,500 cheaper, we do too

Tim Stevens

We like the idea of the Chevy Volt, but at a starting price of $40,280 it's a bit of a tough sell -- even considering the $7,500 tax break you'll get for being on the cutting edge. GM CEO Dan Akerson agrees, according to giving his designers the task of cutting $7,500 out of the car's cost by the time its next generation appears at dealers. Assuming our federal tax credit still exists that would push the out the door figure for the car down to around $25,000, about the same as the Nissan Leaf and into the budgets of far more Americans than it currently targets. We're not sure exactly what corners will be cut to make this happen, but we're hoping they don't try to make the wheels any thinner.

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