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Taverncraft offering 15% discounts all weekend long


We all know that the best way to enjoy a tall, frosty beverage is from a chalice fashioned from the skulls of your vanquished foes. But what's the second best way? Why, a giant World of Warcraft stein from Taverncraft, of course!

If you've always coveted these wonderful utilitarian works of art, we have good news: This weekend only, Taverncraft is offering 15% off its entire stock of collectable World of Warcraft steins. If you've been putting off ordering that sweet murloc stein or the epic Tankard O' Terror, this may be the time to bite the bullet and get it done.

According to Taverncraft's Twitter page, all you need to do to take advantage of the deal is to enter the code 5H7G3T prior to checkout.

Or you could drink the blood of your enemies in, like, a vendor trash-quality sippy cup. If you think you can pull the look off.

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