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The MMO Report: Not so baggy edition

It's a short week this week on The MMO Report as Casey has some traveling to do and G4TV's writing cast of usual suspects is off doing something... perhaps hunting for Keyser Soze. Nonetheless, even with a shorter video than normal, this week's episode is jam-packed full of the interesting news, speculation, and snarkiness we've come to expect from The MMO Report.

First up, Casey takes a look at 5th Cell's upcoming Xbox Live Arcade game, Hybrid, and wonders if this console game actually might qualify as an MMO. Since nobody outside of the studio has gotten his mitts on Hybrid as yet, we'll have to wait and see. (If it is what he thinks it is, we totally agree with his ending comment.) From there, it's all eyes on Star Wars: The Old Republic as Casey talks about BioWare's flashpoint instance plans and how that will work with the different story choices available. Next up, it's a nod to our story about the recently announced zombie MMO by JetStream Studios, UnDead Online. Finally, it's the news that brings all the Guild Wars 2 fans to the yard: Guardians!

So, for all the news, all the snark, and 100% less Uncle Casey's mailbag than regular shows, pop behind the break and check out this week's edition of the MMO Report. You can also catch it every Thursday on G4TV.

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