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Sprint expected to introduce Kyocera Echo at event later today, HTC Arrive also indirectly corroborated

Vlad Savov

Businessweek has managed to track down an insider with information on the plans of both Sprint and Kyocera, and he (or she) has been talkative enough to confirm that a Kyocera Echo is all set for launch on the Now Network at an event later today. Sprint's tagline for said event was that it'll deliver an "industry first" that makes us believe "the impossible is possible," and with all due respect to Kyocera, neither of those really sounds like the company's upcoming Android handset. The first time we got wind of the Echo, however, it was accompanied by a tip about a Windows Phone 7-based HTC Arrive, a more likely candidate for that industrial innovation prize -- there are no CDMA WP7 devices quite yet. We could imagine the Arrive being a carrier-specific brand name for HTC's 7 Pro, which is already expected on Sprint and has even cleared the FCC in a CDMA flavor. But again, that doesn't fully satisfy the bluster about the impossible becoming possible, so maybe Sprint will have even more to show us -- we'll be attending its shindig tonight to make absolutely sure.

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