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WSJ: iPad 2 in production; to be offered through Verizon and AT&T


In what shouldn't be too much of a shock for anyone, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the next generation iPad is now in production, which would concur nicely with the rumors that the iPad 2 will be released in the next four to six weeks. The WSJ report doesn't offer a whole lot of details, but they cite their sources as saying that the new iPad will be thinner, lighter and will come with a faster processor, more memory, a more powerful graphics processor and a front-facing camera (no word on a rear-facing camera).

However, the next iPad will not feature a higher resolution display. WSJ sources note that the new iPad's display will be "similar" to the current model.

The Wall Street Journal also noted that the new iPad will be available through Verizon and AT&T stores, which is no surprise since both now offer the iPhone. However, the new device will not be available through Sprint or T-Mobile. The next generation iPad is widely expected to be unveiled by the end of February with a March shipping date.

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