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inFamous 2 'Hero Edition' appears briefly on Amazon, includes Cole's bag

If a recently uploaded (then swiftly removed) Amazon listing for an inFamous 2 "Hero Edition" was legitimate, then the gaming community might just solve one of life's great mysteries when the Sucker Punch sequel comes out later this year: What the heck is in Cole McGrath's little backpack? The answer: A thermos, a Nintendo DS, some comic books, a half-empty bottle of flat soda, an ancient Crunchy Peanut Butter Clif Bar, and a tube of assorted Pogs and Slammers. In other words, the essential objects we carry with us when forced to leave the safe confines of our domestic abodes.

Yes, one of the bonuses listed with the Hero Edition -- alongside an 8.5" Cole MacGrath statue, a voucher that gives access to new powers, weapons and character skins, an inFamous comic from DC Comics, and the game's soundtrack -- is a "Replica Cole MacGrath sling pack." We must have one, if only so that we can be halfway to becoming a city-climbing crimebuster. (All we'd need is, you know, powers. And courage. Like, any courage at all would help.)

The special edition also includes a $99.99 price tag, and a super unofficial May 24 release date. We've contacted Sony for more details about ... well, everything.

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