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iPod classic still the 5th most popular US MP3 player


Speculation has been poking around lately that the iPod classic's time is not long for this world, but before you start etching out the gravestone, take a look at these recent sales rankings from the NPD Group. According to the numbers, the iPod classic is still the fifth most popular MP3 player in the US, right behind all four versions of the iPod touch. Apple, in fact, claims 9 out of the top 10 spots on the list, but while the shuffle and the nano are down in the 6-9 spots, the iPod classic still reigns supreme when you don't need to have apps.

That makes sense -- despite my iPhone, I still carry around an old 80 GB iPod, and I'd still maintain that for people who really want to carry their whole music library in their pocket, there's no match for the iPod classic and its, well, ... classic click wheel design. In fact, as we suggested, in opposition to all of the naysayers proclaiming the death of the old school iPod, a refresh is much more likely: Apple could add much more capacity, especially considering the improvements in memory lately.

And while apps are nice, and 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity make for things like streaming music, some people just want to sit back and listen to gigabytes' worth of MP3 files. Long live the iPod classic!

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