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Picaroon heads into the open waters of open beta


Picaroon, the pirate MMORTS with an attitude (and a mild case of scurvy), has now walked off the gangplank into the depths of open beta. We've been following this title since last October when Picaroon announced its closed beta, and now it's available for all to check out, test and see if it be as worthy as a salty sea dog.

Nice Technology's Toby Simpson thinks the game has a broad appeal: "We're excited about open beta and look forward to welcoming new members to our growing community of Picaroon fans. Picaroon has strategies for all: builders, attackers, defenders and diplomats."

Set in a futuristic water world (no, not the Kevin Costner one) where empires clash over the few remaining patches of land, Picaroon tasks players with building up fleets and setting sail for adventures. Nice Technology has designed the game to include three modes depending on your time constraints: hour-long skirmishes, two-week struggles, and a persistent war. Fighting isn't the only way to victory, as Picaroon offers players the options for diplomacy as well.

You can check out the open beta by heading over to Picaroon's site.

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