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TUAW TV Live: Steve and Doc Rock go shopping at the Mac App Store


Now that the Mac App Store has been around for a bit, it's time to see what's available and popular in the new shopping mall that is sitting on the Dock of a lot of Macs. Today, TUAW TV Live host Steve Sande and the best-known iPad user in Hawaii -- Doc Rock -- are getting together virtually to go shopping at the Mac App Store.

We'll be throwing out our ideas for the best and most interesting apps to be found in the Mac App Store, talking about the ease of buying, installing and updating apps, and what we'd like to see added to the store.

It's all getting started in a few minutes. From your Mac or PC, go to the next page by clicking the Read More link at the bottom of this post, and you'll find a livestream viewer and a chat tool. The chat tool allows you to participate by asking questions or making comments.

If you're driving somewhere and would like to watch TUAW TV Live while you're stuck in traffic, please don't -- keep your eyes on the road! However, if someone else is doing the driving, you can watch the show on your iPhone and join the chat by downloading the free Ustream Viewing Application. If you're on an iPad, you should be able to use the Skyfire Browser to watch the stream, although you will not be able to participate in the chat.

We'll start at about 5 PM ET, so if you're seeing a prerecorded show, be sure to refresh your browser until you get the live stream.

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