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Exclusive screenshots of EverQuest II: Destiny of Velious revealed


If you mention the word Velious to most fans of the original EverQuest, you'll instantly see their eyes light up. The original Velious expansion was a revolution for EverQuest back in 2000, so it's no surprise that EverQuest II fans are getting excited about the upcoming Destiny of Velious expansion. Sony Online Entertainment has big shoes to fill with this update, which is due to launch later this month on February 22nd. Information on the Velious content has been sparse recently, with only a few lore reveals and a trailer released in the past few months. Today, SOE has released several screenshots of new zones in the expansion, exclusive to Massively.

To put the new EQ2 screenshots into their proper contexts, SOE has provided the following lore: "This glacial tundra bears the scars of centuries of conflict and strife. Here, adventurers can find the haunted remnants of the series of battles known as the Ring War, which was fought between the dwarven race known as the Coldain, and their ancient enemy, the Kromrif. On the southern tip lies the remains of a crumbling fortress, now occupied by the savage snow orcs known as the Ry'Gorr. To the west lies the Storm Gorge, a massive valley carved from the land during the continent-cracking event known as the Upheaval. There, the noble coldain stand against the might of the fearsome and militaristic legion known as the Order of Rime, and fight to protect their beloved city of Thurgadin."

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