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Kevin Butler account accidentally retweets PS3 exploit


Oh, Kevin Butler. You seemed so perfect -- exactly the kind of PR icon that Sony needed, always saying and doing exactly the right thing for the company's image. You were always so in the know, always on top of the public pulse. Until Tuesday night, that is, when the Kevin Butler account on Twitter replied to what it thought was a random series of letters and numbers with a Battleship joke. Unfortunately, that code turned out to be the key once used to hack the PS3 through a USB dongle. In essence, the great KB helped to spread exactly the sort of information his company's been fighting to keep secret in court.

Of course, the tweet was quickly deleted. It wasn't that severe a leak anyway, since Sony's already fixed the exploit that it used and that key isn't the one being contested in the ongoing lawsuit. The real damage here is to KB's reputation. After deleting the tweet, whichever PR person runs the account quickly dived into a relatively harmless attempt to start a "#gamingis" trend. What, no snarky comeback or humorous braggadocio, KB? And here we thought he was the Vice President of Knowing What's Up.

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