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Apple to redesign iOS notification system


Cult of Mac is reporting that Apple is planning a revamp to its iOS notification system. iOS's current notification system, which is used for everything from text messages to push notifications, has remained virtually unchanged since the introduction of the original iPhone in 2007. The current notification system uses a series of pop-up bezels that are sometimes cramped with information or, worse, fail to display adequate information in an easy to view manner. A good example of this is when you receive two text messages: you are only notified that you have two texts, and you can't see the content of the text message without entering the Messages app.

If Apple is indeed overhauling its notification system, it may not be doing it entirely using in-house resources. Sources are reporting that Apple may be purchasing (or may already have purchased) a small iOS development company that offers their own type of notification system through the App Store. While the company has not been specifically identified, Cult of Mac suggests it could be Appremix, which makes a very popular free app called Boxcar that allows users to receive push notifications from a variety of sources including Facebook, Twitter and Google Voice. You can read our review of Boxcar here.

While iOS is largely considered the best mobile OS available, its notification system has been a point of criticism for a while. When the Palm Pre debuted with webOS, one of the strong points of its operating system was its banner notifications, which were designed by ex-Apple employee Rich Dellinger. Dellinger has since returned to Apple and may very well be leading the charge in revamping iOS's notification system.

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