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Planetside Next is abuzz about the Mosquito


How close is this game to release? Planetside Next is dropping images, images, and more images. Now, Sony Online Entertainment released yet another exclusive image to the Planetside Universe fan site. However, we are just teased again. Fans scarcely have any information on what seems to be the next release from SOE, but there is some hope. Planetside Universe promises to have another exclusive on the Auraxis Global Network tomorrow, February 12th, at 8 p.m. EST.

One thing can be said about this teaser: this is definitely the Mosquito. Some fans questioned if last Friday's reveal of the Reaver may have been the Planetside Next answer to the the original Planetside hover-copter. Now players will be sure to know what vehicle just blasted through their armor. It is always a comfort to know exactly what shot you before you die.

Buzz on over to the official forums or make a note in the comments below to speak your mind about the next evolution of this game.

[Thank you Kyle for the tip!]

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