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Clearwire wins initial round against Sony Ericsson in trademark bout

Tim Stevens

The fight isn't over, but round one has certainly gone to Clearwire. Last month, Sony Ericsson sued the company for a logo that it thought to be too similar. And, indeed, they're both vaguely swirly green blobs (that's SE's orb on the left). However, Clearwire has issued a statement indicating that a federal court isn't so concerned, finding "insufficient evidence of likelihood of confusion and no irreparable harm," denying a motion for a preliminary injunction. It's unlikely that the case will go much further from here, but the final bell certainly hasn't rung just yet. The full statement is below.

Clearwire is pleased with the federal court's decision to deny Sony Ericsson's motion for a preliminary injunction against the use of the CLEAR marks at issue in the case. The judge's findings of insufficient evidence of likelihood of confusion and no irreparable harm further support our contention that the suit is without merit. We expect that the final disposition of the case will be in our favor and that it will demonstrate that the CLEAR branding is clearly differentiated from the Sony Ericsson brand.

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