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DCUO examines the meta-human power suits


Is that a bird? Is that a plane? Is that Superman? No, it's you in the House of El battlesuit. This piece of iconic gear, as well as the Lexcorp Salvation suit, is available to level 30 characters in DC Universe Online. However, the suit isn't just handed to you for nothing; you have to earn it. These two suits are specially designed for heroes or villains who follow the Meta-human storyline. They contain the best stats for either tank, controller, healer, or DPS, and they can only be bought if you have the right influence with the right faction.

Chris Cao, the game director for DCUO, gave Massively an exclusive video outlining exactly what it takes to get your hands on this special armor. If you are looking to follow the mega-billionaire Lex Luthor or the Man of Steel himself in the DC Universe, fly past the cut and pay close attention to this video.

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