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Report: Sony 'S1' tablet is PlayStation certified, features Qriocity


Engadget reports on a new Sony tablet that might just be the one Kaz Hirai called "currently in development" at CES, integrating PlayStation branding and content. The device, code-named "S1" will reportedly run a custom version of the Android Honeycomb OS (even though Honeycomb will already have a nice UI courtesy of Matias Duarte) and is said to integrate the Qriocity media platform, currently available on PS3 for music (in Europe) and video streaming.

Like the Xperia Play, according to Engadget's sources, this tablet is "PlayStation Certified" and will come preloaded with PlayStation games. The Tegra 2-equipped tablet will supposedly have an odd design (as seen in Engadget's mock-up above), meant to recall a folded-up paperback, which will allow the tablet to be set down at an angle for easy typing. The device is tentatively scheduled to ship in September, according to the report.

If the S1's buildup is anything like the Xperia Play's, we'll hear a lot more about this thing even before Sony decides to say a word.

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