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Aika Online opens its doors to Europe

Jef Reahard

European players rejoice! Aika Online is officially throwing open its doors to the old world with today's "Europe, We're Up" celebratory kickoff. The week-long festivities include double experience and a contest that gives players the opportunity to snag $10,000 in prizes. Logging into Aika also makes you eligible to receive powerful premium items like 3x and 4x experience scrolls.

Today's update also sees a new dungeon introduced to the game. The Prison Despero will test the mettle of Aika's elite players and offers a chance to earn a new level 70 armor set.

Aika is a fantasy MMORPG from the creators of Neo Steam. The game features five warring nations vying for control over the world of Arcan and its massive castles, priceless relics, and various battlegrounds.

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