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One Shots: He's got the funk

Quiz time! If you saw a glowing, smoky, green goblin (not the Spider-Man one) on a motorcycle, what would you think? Radiation poisoning? Seriously in need of a bath? Well, today's funky screenshot from World of Warcraft features one such bizarrely colored fellow sent in to us by Cacknoob from the Stormrage EU server. His thought? Well, neither of the above. Instead, he suspects it could be something a bit slimier: "Hello! Just thought I'd send in a pic in of my new Gobbo Rogue, who had just arrived in Hellfire penninsula when this was taken. Unfortunately, I think he's allergic to the Fel Reavers there, as he turned all green and was smoking!"

Whether your avatar is slimy or slime-free, all MMO screenshots are welcome! If you'd like to send in an image from your favorite game, we want to hear from you. Email it to us at along with your name, the name of the game, and a description of what we're seeing in the screenshot. Couldn't be easier!

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