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Elite Porsche tuner RUF gets in on the electric game with three eRUF models

Tim Stevens

If you want a Porsche with a little bit more -- more power, more handling, more brakes, more outrageous styling -- you want a RUF. It's technically an independent auto manufacturer, but every model starts with a Porsche that gets systematically turned up to 11. The haus that Ferdinand built just announced a handful of electric cars and now RUF is getting in on the game too, creating three separate models. First is the all EV Single Motor Concept, a 911 with a 241hp motor that'll do 93 miles on a charge, has a top speed of 136mph, and can hit 60 in about seven seconds. Next up is the Twin Motor Concept, pairing two 335hp motors to a larger battery, enabling 124 miles of range, top speed of 137mph, and 0 - 60 in a much more respectable five seconds.

Finally there's the Twin Motor Concept with Torque Vectoring. This again has two 335hp motors but this time each one drives a separate rear wheel, enabling dynamic torque vectoring. Range and acceleration are the same but handling should theoretically be much better when going through the twisties. And, really, that's what it's all about. Right now ten of these cars have been built for testing. They're not available for general purchase but we have it on good authority that they'll be very, very expensive when they do ship.

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