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One Shots: I'm walking into spiderwebs

New Eden, even on a good day, is a place that is rife with dangers galore for pilots -- wardecs, pirates, scammers, liars, and more, all ready to make your life hell. With the addition of Incursion to EVE Online, you can add Sansha's Nation to the deadly mix as well. Unlike players, who might consider sparing you if you can offer a sweet enough bribe, these AI forces are only out for one thing: total destruction. It's not all doom and gloom, though. There are sweet rewards for pilots willing to risk their hulls in the fight against Sansha's invading forces. This exciting EVE Online One Shots was sent in to us by Lopsy Lu, who snapped the image in the heat of battle. Lopsy writes in: "Captured here is the final assault on a Sansha mothership in the Yulai system during an Incursion."

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